002 – Need to Score

The rain was heavy last night, bouncing off the ground. I sought refuge in a garage forecourt. Not that there is much left to take from here it looks like it has been looted several times previously. Hell, it may even have looked like that prior to the outbreak.

I have a few tins of beans left and half a dozen tins of pineapple chunks but I need to score and I need to get to fuck out of this city. For a heroin addict such as myself, this zombie outbreak is nothing but a fucking curse. The worst dry up in years.

I should go cold turkey but I can’t. I always maintained I liked the gear but it’s somewhat problematic these days. In years gone by it was all about getting the money to get the smack, nowadays it’s just finding the gear in the first place. One of the few things I have in surplus is syringes. Gotta love this outbreak, I never shared a needle in case I caught the HIV virus. Now I ain’t sharing a needle that no fucking freak may have used because if I did inject some of his blood, I’ll no doubt turn into a freak too.

So I need to get out this place as soon as the daylight returns, a post-apocalyptic dawn is welcome on a day like this. It never ceases to amaze me how many freaks there are still around or where they get their stamina from. I will leave now, but before I go I better do a line, just for the boost of energy. Just to show those fucking freaks that I’m ready for them.

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001 – Derek’s Mixtape

I found a cassette walkman today while searching a house for food. I had a laugh to myself, all these fancy iPods, MP3 players, Tablets, Mobile Phones…All that technology but it means nothing without an electric point to fire in some juice. This walkman I found some batteries for and listened to ‘Derek’s Mixtape.’

Derek may well of been the ghoul whose head I bashed in with a shovel outside in the front garden. Either way, the mixtape was somewhat surreal. First song I’ve heard in quite a while and it happens to be Oasis Wonderwall. Typical. Next song was Radiohead Karma Police. A lot better, I thought. This Mixtape was quite old, I used to have a Walkman myself a good few years ago. I probably had a similar mixtape but it definitely would not have had any Oasis on it.

It was quite dark outside, so I set up camp there. Those ghouls out there seem to have an advantage in the black of night. Thankfully found some more of Derek’s tapes. I guess he would have been an alright guy really, the type of guy I would go for a pint with.

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