001 – Derek’s Mixtape

I found a cassette walkman today while searching a house for food. I had a laugh to myself, all these fancy iPods, MP3 players, Tablets, Mobile Phones…All that technology but it means nothing without an electric point to fire in some juice. This walkman I found some batteries for and listened to ‘Derek’s Mixtape.’

Derek may well of been the ghoul whose head I bashed in with a shovel outside in the front garden. Either way, the mixtape was somewhat surreal. First song I’ve heard in quite a while and it happens to be Oasis Wonderwall. Typical. Next song was Radiohead Karma Police. A lot better, I thought. This Mixtape was quite old, I used to have a Walkman myself a good few years ago. I probably had a similar mixtape but it definitely would not have had any Oasis on it.

It was quite dark outside, so I set up camp there. Those ghouls out there seem to have an advantage in the black of night. Thankfully found some more of Derek’s tapes. I guess he would have been an alright guy really, the type of guy I would go for a pint with.

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