Edgar Wallace

Edgar Wallace is my name and survival is very much my fucking game. I grew up in Leeds and moved to London for business reasons about a year before the zombie outbreak occurred and now I’m stuck in this shithole with the biggest concentration of the ghouls in the UK.

Typical of my luck, I had the chance to move to Oban in Scotland and run my Uncle Pete’s empire there but the lure of London and the chance to earn some serious money lured me in.

Deceitful and Dishonest. These are the words that I would use to describe the Government’s handling of the outbreak. At the start of the outbreak, I expected our prime minister to be on TV using cringe worthy clichéd phrases such as “Winning in the hearts and the minds of the UK public in our dealing of this crisis” but instead he didn’t hang around. In fact rumour has it that he was one of the first to leave the country in the aftermath.

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