Kendal Black

My name is Kendal Black and the zombie outbreak happened about one week after my 28th birthday. I previously worked as a sales consultant in a large call centre based in Glasgow selling mobile phones.

I have a daughter out there, I know I have and an ex-wife too. My ex-wife may have turned already, either way she’s probably still a bitch anyway. I don’t really mean that, regardless of what happened between us she is still the mother of my child and I would hope and pray that she is with my daughter somewhere. It’s the only practical way that Jessie could still be alive. Besides, I wouldn’t wish the fate of being a walking corpse on anyone.

Jessie is a tough kid, only 5 years old but growing up in the East End of the city, she is as street-wise as they come and I know that she is safe and I will not stop until I find her.

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