World War Z, Filming in Glasgow City Centre

World War Z Glasgow. It’s getting serious, as the army have been called in!

World War Z Army Soldiers

World War Z Glasgow Army Soldiers








A short video from the set of World War Z

There is a webcam available in Glasgow City Centre which will allow you to see realtime footage of World War Z. The filming of World War Z is scheduled to last for two weeks.

The BBC reported that ‘The film is based on Max Brooks’ 2006 novel World War Z: An Oral History Of The Zombie War, which is set in Philadelphia in the aftermath of a war between humans and zombies.’

Shame on the BBC! Zombies are incapable of mounting an army or organisationing battle tactics and therefore it can not be termed as a war between humans and zombies but the true definition is that it’s a War against Zombies.

Here is the BBC article:

As reported on the STV website, World War Z will give Glasgow an estimated £2m boost to it’s economy. Will Glasgow City Council be willing to re-invest the money into a UK Zombie Movie?

STV World War Z Link

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